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Energy Patterns in the Planetary Waveforms

I've been experimenting with a new astrological technique called the A5 Spectrum since 1977. This technique converts the positions of the 10 planets into a map of their "energy" around the zodiac called a planetary waveform. The size and shape of these waveforms and the way they change throughout the month provide valuable insight into the kinds of planetary influences present. Just as the waves on the ocean give clues to the weather off-shore, the A5 Spectrum waveforms describe the subtle energies about us.

Typically, a month can be broken down into 4 or 5 main waveform patterns, each representing a single kind of energy. The time periods covered by each of these energy patterns can last from several days to more than 2 weeks. The monthly descriptions on these pages describe this ebb and flow of those waveform patterns.

For the curious and brave, there's plenty of background information on this technique in the A5 Spectrum Help Pages. In particular, the properties of the waveforms listed under each waveform (such as Strength, Harmonics, and Critical Degrees) are discussed there. If you'd like to experiment with these waveforms yourself, try out our new Koz Kalculator! And if you just want to cruise through the month and don't care what's under the hood, that's OK, too.

See the Glyph Glossary for definitions of the symbols for planets and zodiac signs used in these graphs. See the Online Ephemeris for current planetary positions.

If you know your birthchart, and any of your natal planets fall near the critical degrees (of any zodiac sign) I've listed, pay special attention to that time period. You are being strongly affected at this time (read, "your life is turned topsy-turvy"). Remember that tall peaks in the A5 Spectrum represent zodiacal positions that are being affected by a large number of planets simultaneously. If that position coincides with a natal planet or other sensitive degree (such as your Ascendent or MidHeaven) in your chart, all that planetary power is influencing your life now.