Astrology Help Pages

It may not take much know-how to read an astrological interpretation, but the skills and information needed to be a good astrologer are extensive. An astrologer is part mystic, part psychologist, historian, mythologist, astronomer, mathematician -- a blend of artist and scientist. Frankly, it makes the field a lot of fun...

The following help pages briefly lay out the technical basics of true astrology. Dip into them whenever you find yourself asking, "What does ____ mean?" A little bit of background info will make these pages much more meaningful and helpful.

Main Topics:

Planets -- the powerhouses that make the whole machine purr.

Zodiac Signs-- the colorful costumes the planets wear for us.

Houses -- tell you what areas of your life are being affected.

Aspects -- show how the planets work together to weave more complicated patterns.

A5 Spectrum -- a new technique to visualize planetary energies and the patterns they form.

Critical Degrees and Emphasized Points of the Zodiac -- a quick overview of how to recognize important astrological influences and relate them to your birthchart.

Glossary of miscellaneous terms and concepts -- for when you can't remember what some gibberish phrase means.

Glyph Glossary -- a handy guide for what all those funny symbols mean.

Notation, Abbreviations, and Stuff -- the details you may need to know someday.