"BIG" Aspects and Cycles, List 3

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Chiron Sextile Neptune, 3 Contacts

This contact, the first big aspect following Neptune's final entrance into Aquarius, is a wake-up call to a whole new level of living. Chiron is initiating us into a new way of experiencing Neptune's influence. We are becoming attuned to subtler dimensions of the world and how we unconsciously influence our world. Much of our daily creating is tinged with the limiting fears and restrictions that prevent us from reaching our full potential. As we approach these fears and overcome them, the soul's path becomes more apparent.


Degrees: 2Sa13 and 2Aq13


Degrees: 3Sa50 and 3Aq50


Degrees: 1Sa35 and 1Aq35

Jupiter Semi-sextile Saturn, 99-2-3

Degrees: 27Pi54 and 27Ar54

The Jupiter - Saturn cycle always has broader social implications, as they together rule the web of connections and responsibilities that make a society possible. We are entering the last phase of this 20 year cycle which began in 1981. The next year or two is a time to step back and sort out what "solutions" worked for us and which were failures. Some of these seeds are worth putting back in the garden for another 20 years, but there's plenty that's fit only for the compost heap. It's time to find the right balance of opportunity and responsibility in our lives so we can knit society back into a working whole, again.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune, 99-2-26

Degrees: 3Ar08 and 3Aq08

This contact can play out in any number of ways. Ideas and visions may seem very powerful and attractive. However, since Neptune rules glamour and delusion, this is probably a good time for dreaming, but bad for acting on those dreams until things are clearer. It's a time to step beyond your usual borders and merge more with others. It may be more obvious than usual how we subconsciously weave our own realities and create situations for ourselves -- for better or worse. Life may seem more chaotic than usual for a time, but such chaos is often more creative than destructive.

Jupiter Trine Pluto, 99-3-29

Degrees: 10Ar25 and 10Sa25

This is a time when the processes of moving outward into greater involvement with the world and of moving inward to greater self-awareness can complement each other. As you open up to wider vistas of your own nature and gain increased awareness and acceptance of these inner nooks and crannies, it becomes easier to accept people and situations just the way they are, too. Certain close people, if you can open up to them, can certainly teach you a thing or two now. This is a time to drop dogmatic beliefs and the social masks we all wear to "get by" in the world. Intimacy can't be built on a foundation of withholding your true expression. Get to know that stranger within.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus, 99-4-23

Degrees: 16Ar27 and 16Aq27

If you need a good excuse to break out of an old rut, this is it! Jupiter loves to expand your boundaries in the world, while Uranus is inclined to blow up a few of the border crossings at the same time. This is an excellent time to make fresh starts. Both planets have a lot of "mental energy" about them, so the intellect and the intuition are in overdrive these days. Look at problems from a new angle -- it may be much easier to bust through than you previously imagined.

Jupiter Quincunx Chiron, 3 Contacts

This cycle is a time to understand what is holding you back in the world. The expansiveness of Jupiter is constrained, preventing you from successfully moving beyond your borders. The restrictions are more likely within you than outside, the result of fears and worries about being supported by the universe. Overcoming these fears may not fix everything, but you'll be amazed at the improvements when you quit sabotaging your path.


Degrees: 28Ar44 and 28Sc44


Degrees: 1Ta42 and 1Sa42


Degrees: 16Ta19 and 16Sa17

Saturn Quincunx Pluto, 3 Contacts

This difficult and disruptive aspect feels like you're being pulled in opposite directions at the same time. Saturn is trying to maintain structure and order in your life, while Pluto is attempting to tear down old forms and transform your life. The need to stay put and the desire to change create a lot of tension and stress. Balance is the important key here, learning how to shift in some areas without falling into a rut or changing so much you lose your bearings. Growth is not easy under an influence like this!


Degrees: 9Ta27 and 9Sa27


Degrees: 10Ta53 and 10Sa53


Degrees: 12Ta52 and 12Sa52

Jupiter Tri-octile Pluto, 3 Contacts

While Jupiter tends to draw us out into the wider world, Pluto prefers to highlight the inner world and the deep psyche. These two tendencies are in conflict the next 8 months, making it hard to fit into either realm. The "uncivilized" parts of yourself may step on the toes of normal social behavior, just as being a regular old member of society can deaden you to the inner life of the soul. It's quite a balancing act ahead of us, but in the end, both perspectives may be deepened and enriched.


Degrees: 24Ar12 and 9Sa12


Degrees: 25Ar25 and 10Sa25


Degrees: 27Ar13 and 12Sa13

Saturn Square Uranus, 3 Contacts

Here's two planets that are just about as opposite as you can get. Saturn prompts you to dig in your heels and protect the status quo in your life, while Uranus would love nothing better than to lob a few hand grenades into life's little ruts. Some area of your life that's been stable and secure for a long time is under stress to change or let go. It's best to simply allow the changes, no matter what form they take, to unfold without resistance, unless the resulting strain is too much to bear. Uranus is known for doing things in an extreme fashion and can push matters too far, too fast. Learn to work smarter, faster, more intuitively, but in a sustainable manner -- Uranus understands that approach. Let unexpected coincidences guide your way.


Degrees: 15Ta36 and 15Aq36


Degrees: 13Ta04 and 13Aq04


Degrees: 20Ta45 and 20Aq45

Jupiter Square Neptune, 3 Contacts

This connection really pushes the boundaries of our mental outlook and basic paradigms. Jupiter fosters a more conventional outlook, even in spiritual matters, while Neptune is pushing us to start operating as a lone mystic on a high level where words do not even apply. As we step beyond the normal, mundane ways of seeing into Neptune's magical world of subtle connections and unseen influences, a new way of being in the world (yes, I know it sounds vague -- Neptune's like that) is opening up for us. It could lead to important spiritual breakthroughs or more confusion and self-deception, depending upon how much sense you can make of the experience. Open up your heart and let your intuition guide you.


Degrees: 3Ta06 and 3Aq06. Jupiter is near the position where Chiron was discovered in 1977 (3Ta08).


Degrees: 1Ta35 and 1Aq35. Neptune is near its direct station (99-10-13).


Degrees: 5Ta50 and 5Aq50

Chiron Conjunct Pluto, 99-12-30

Degrees: 11Sa22

Conjunctions between two outer planets are the beginning points of important cycles, both in our personal lives and on a grander historical scale. The last conjunction of Chiron and Pluto occurred on July 19, 1941 (back in WWII days) at 3Le40. While the last 58 years can't be blamed on these two planets alone, it's remarkable how much the world has changed in the cycle just concluding. Keep in mind, though, that Pluto was discovered in 1930 and Chiron in 1977, so this is the first time in history when we've known about both bodies and can actually observe their conjunction. This means it's the first time humankind has consciously entered into the energy of this cycle, instead of simply letting it play out in the collective unconscious. This makes it imperative that we understand what kind of game we are playing this time, especially since these are both planets of transformation. Chiron is the releaser of old hurts and wounds through compassionate understanding and wisdom. By seeing past the hurt into the spiritual truth that lies behind it, we redeem a part of ourselves that was hidden and rejected. He opens up new ways of seeing ourselves and our place in the world, helping us remove the spiritual blinders that keep us in ignorance. In the process, we come into our spiritual power and evolve to a higher level. Pluto, of course, is the Grand Transformer, the force of spirit within us that causes us to outgrow and leave behind anything that hinders our true nature. Anything inauthentic about us is subject to Pluto's withering gaze at some time or another, since he allows no pretense or falsehood to remain in us. When these two team up, it seems inevitable that powerful energies are set loose in us that have a deep, long lasting effect (the next cycle is 70 years long). Expect to face parts of yourself that you haven't wanted to see in the coming months. Even the parts that are most shameful or hurt-filled must be brought out into the light of awareness and acceptance. After all, everything in the psyche -- in our lives -- belongs to the soul and is there for a purpose. Nothing can be left behind. This conjunction has been building for most of 1999 and will take most of 2000 to dissipate -- but it's influence will linger for years.

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