More "Big Aspects" and Cycles, List 9

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Due to Chiron's highly elliptical orbit, it first overtakes Uranus to form this semisextile, then slows down so Uranus can catch up again, then speeds up to overtake Uranus once more. As a consequence, this aspect repeats itself 23 times over a 30 year period -- quite unusual!

2009-1-30 at 20Aq21, 20APi21 2009-5-30 at 26Aq13, 26Pi13 2009-12-30 at 23Aq04, 23Pi04
2010-7-2 at 0Pi35, 0Ar35 2010-12-10 at 26Aq40, 26Pi40 2011-7-26 at 4PI27, 4Ar27
2011-11-24 at 0Pi44, 0Ar44 2016-8-9 at 24Pi27, 24Ar27 2016-12-10 at 20Pi24, 20Ar24
2017-7-29 at 28Pi31, 28Ar31 2017-12-28 at 24Pi34, 24Ar34 2018-7-16 at 2Ar21, 2Ta21
2019-1-19 at 28Pi40, 28Ar40 2019-7-1 at 5Ar54, 5Ta54 2020-2-15 at 3Ar11, 3Ta11
2020-6-10 at 9Ar00, 9Ta00 2021-3-31 at 8Ar59, 8Ta59 2021-5-3 at 10Ar50, 10Ta50
2036-6-21 at 14Gm23, 14Cn23 2036-9-11 at 18Gm48, 18Cn48 2037-4-26 at 16Gm03, 16Cn03
2037-12-11 at 23Gm24, 23Cn24 2038-3-1 at 20Gm23, 20Cn23

This is the first aspect between Uranus and Neptune since their conjunction back in1993, the start of a 170 year long cycle. This semisextile is our first chance to explore the next phase of this transformative cycle.

Considering that squares are generally rougher than oppositions and that the Saturn-Pluto opposition brought us the World Trade Center attack in 2001, you can reasonably expect this square to have some powerful repercussions. Since the US Venus turns this aspect into a T-Square, the national karma involved is even greater.

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