The Daily Koz

BPI has published a monthly newsletter since 1988 that details the upcoming month's astrological influences and explains their significance. The A5 Spectrum technique is the thread that holds together the monthly narrative of how the planetary energies shift and change. The Web pages you are seeing here are excerpts from this newsletter.

So why should you pay for the newsletter instead of visiting this site?

Well ...

You can look at the newsletter when you're not home with your computer.
You can share it with a friend.
It gets mailed right to your doorstep every month.
You can make notes in the margins of the page (try that on your monitor!).
It helps support your favorite astrologer and this Web site.

But mainly, I write the newsletter first, then excerpt parts of it for here. Which (knowing my schedule) may take some time. Some good parts get left out. And hypertext tends to mangle the narrative flow.

Old astrology tips get stale fast -- so get this information while it's hot and still useful!

If you want to subscribe ...

Here's the ordering info. This is a small operation that still uses checks and snail-mail -- sorry for the inconvenience.