Eclipse Collection of HCW Remedies

Eclipses have a reputation for being extremely transformational influences in our lives. That's a euphemism for "they cause crisis situations" in most people's book. The changes that eclipses unleash are often unwelcome and sometimes impose hardships on us, but the end result is that they break up patterns in our lives that have become stagnant and restrictive. To the extent that people are resistant to change, prefering a comfortable status quo to continued growth, these eclipse energies can come across as a "traumatic influence" at the level of our subtle energy bodies. If you've ever experienced an eclipse or an entire year as "it threw me for a loop..." or "I've never been the same since...", you certainly understand the effects of this kind of energy trauma.

On the principle of "like cures like", I've been making HCW remedies that capture and refine these eclipse energies. By taking these eclipse remedies over a period of time, you can assimilate the original impulse at a deeper, more refined level -- and at your own speed. This seems to make it easier to come to terms with the eclipse influence and the changes it unleashes in your life. The feeling of being bowled over is gradually eliminated from the aura.

Obviously, everyone's birthchart is different, so an eclipse will affect each person in a unique fashion. Similarly, the effect of these eclipse remedies will likely be highly individualistic. This makes it difficult to give detailed "remedy profiles" of these HCW remedies, although the people who have tried them report somewhat similar effects. Rather than choosing to use an eclipse remedy based on its profile, the important criteria seem to be how strongly the eclipse affects your birthchart, and how much chaos was kicked off in your life by the eclipse and its aftermath.

Astrological information about the more recent eclipses can be found on the Eclipse and Current Transits pages. The issues described there for each eclipse should give you a feel of the "profile" for the corresponding Eclipse HCW remedy.

I've been collecting eclipse energies using HCW techniques since 1990, creating quite a collection over the years. Individual eclipses are available as 6x HCW remedies. Blended mixtures of all the eclipses for a given year (from 1991 on) are also available at year's end.