Examples of Harmonics in the A5 Spectrum

A picture is worth a thousand words when describing key ideas about these waveforms. Here are some graphs that show what various harmonics actually look like in the A5 Spectrum.

To help you see the harmonic patterns easier, I've added some arrows () to point out the peaks comprising the harmonic in some of the graphs.

4th Harmonic (H4)

4 peaks, 4th harmonic -- it's that easy. H4 is typically a very difficult energy pattern, corresponding to powerful squares, T-squares or Grand Crosses in traditional astrological terms.

6th Harmonic (H6)

The 6 red arrows pointing to the tallest peaks in this graph point out a potent, but pleasant 6th harmonic pattern. H6 corresponds to easy aspects like the trine and sextile. If you look at the peaks below both the red and blue arrows, a 12th harmonic (another easy frequency) also shows up.

12th Harmonic (H12)

The 12 peak pattern in this H12 graph is unmistakable. H12 times are almost always easy-going and productive, unless the energy is so strong that we lose our footing.

24th Harmonic (H24)

The busy and agitating H24 waveform has 2 peaks per zodiac sign (I've dispensed with the arrows here). Such high harmonics rarely have a smooth effect on our lives.

36th Harmonic (H36)

This squirmy little graph is a beautiful specimen of the 36th harmonic, with its signature 3 peaks per zodiac sign. I call H36 the "fat, dumb and happy" harmonic. It doesn't correspond with the any of the usual aspects of astrology, so there's a feeling of disconnectedness or disorganization, and more than the normal amount of mindless, unconscious behavior. However, unlike other "noise" harmonics (such as H24 or H48), the 36th seems surprisingly cheerful about the situation. It says, in effect, that sure things are screwed up now, but it doesn't really matter much and frankly, I don't care. People are content to just bumble through the day and keep smiling.

48th Harmonic (H48)

The signature of the annoying and distracting H48 is 4 little peaks packed into each zodiac sign. At this point, the waveform can properly be described as "noise".