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The swift moving planet Mercury goes into reverse gear more frequently than any other planet, about 3 or 4 times a year. The dreaded "Mercury Retrograde" disrupts the thinking mind, communications, the ability to come to agreements with others, decision making, etc. It's best not to make important decisions while Mercury is moving backwards, and all plans should be reviewed later to find the gaping holes in logic that often creep in.

P.S. -- Back up the hard-drive on your computer before Mercury goes retrograde! Computers frequently fail during these cycles.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-1-192001-2-3 at 0Pi422001-2-25 at 15Aq252001-3-17
2001-5-192001-6-3 at 29Gm582001-6-27 at 21Gm162001-7-12
2001-9-112001-10-1 at 29Li412001-10-22 at 14Li122001-11-7
2002-1-22002-1-18 at 14Aq292002-2-8 at 28Cp382002-2-28
2002-5-12002-5-15 at 9Gm592002-6-8 at 1Gm212002-6-23
2002-8-262002-9-14 at 13Li152002-10-6 at 29Vi192002-10-21
2002-12-162003-1-2 at 28Cp282003-1-22 at 12Cp182003-2-11
2003-4-122003-4-26 at 20Ta332003-5-20 at 11Ta072003-6-5
2003-8-82003-8-28 at 26Vi192003-9-20 at 12Vi122003-10-4
2003-11-292003-12-17 at 12Cp342004-1-6 at 26Sa162004-1-25
2004-3-232004-4-6 at 1Ta562004-4-30 at 21Ar072004-5-17
2004-7-212004-8-9 at 8Vi462004-9-2 at 25Le442004-9-16
2004-11-112004-11-30 at 26Sa452004-12-20 at 10Sa272005-1-7
2005-3-52005-3-19 at 14Ar062005-4-12 at 1Ar452005-4-30
2005-7-42005-7-22 at 20Le282005-8-15 at 8Le452005-8-29
2005-10-252005-11-13 at 10Sa562005-12-3 at 24Sc442005-12-21
2006-2-162006-3-2 at 26Pi552006-3-25 at 13Pi112006-4-13
2006-6-172006-7-4 at 1Le222006-7-28 at 21Cn032006-8-11
2006-10-82006-10-28 at 25Sc042006-11-17 at 9Sc032006-12-4
2007-1-302007-2-13 at 10Pi132007-3-7 at 25Aq242007-3-27
2007-5-302007-6-15 at 11Cn352007-7-9 at 2Cn282007-7-24
2007-9-212007-10-11 at 9Sc042007-11-1 at 23Li212007-11-17
2008-1-132008-1-28 at 23Aq522008-2-18 at 8Aq192008-3-10
2008-5-112008-5-26 at 21Gm322008-6-19 at 12Gm582008-7-4
2008-9-32008-9-24 at 22Li502008-10-15 at 7Li332008-10-30
2008-12-262009-1-11 at 7Aq452009-2-1 at 21Cp442009-2-21
2009-4-222009-5-6 at 1Gm442009-5-30 at 22Ta522009-6-15
2009-8-172009-9-6 at 6Li132009-9-29 at 21Vi362009-10-14
2009-12-92009-12-26 at 21Cp472010-1-15 at 5Cp332010-2-4
2010-4-42010-4-17 at 12Ta372010-5-11 at 2Ta392010-5-28
2010-7-312010-8-20 at 19Vi032010-8-12 at 5Vi212010-9-27
2010-11-212010-12-10 at 5Cp562010-12-30 at 19Sa372011-1-17


When Venus is in retrograde, the emotions and instincts go haywire. Our usual sense of what is beautiful, pleasing and attractive is suspended. Some astrologers warn against buying anything for its aesthetic appeal during this cycle, since the object will seem like a "lapse of good taste" at a later date. Relationships begun now can be the same way. I'd double-check any decisions made by "gut level instinct" or by the way the situation feels while Venus is backing up.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-2-42001-3-8 at 17Ar442001-4-19 at 1Ar272001-5-23
2002-9-72002-10-10 at 15Sc372002-11-21 at 0Sc032002-12-22
2004-4-142004-5-17 at 26Gm082004-6-29 at 9Gm392004-8-2
2005-11-222005-12-24 at 1Aq282006-2-3 at 16Cp012006-3-6
2007-6-232007-7-27 at 2Vi572007-9-8 at 16Le352007-10-11
2009-2-12009-3-6 at 15Ar272009-4-17 at 29Pi112009-5-20
2010-9-52010-10-8 at 13Sc132010-11-18 at 27Li392010-12-20


During Mars retrograde periods, we get to experience how we sabotage our own actions, preventing us from achieving what we desire to do. The ability to express your will-power seems thwarted. The key here is to discover what is keeping you from effective action and changing it. This inner nemesis may be an over active temper, an impatience with planning when you can rush into activity, or simply a lack of awareness that causes you to ignore useful clues. This is not a good time to initiate new projects that require perseverence, nor is it easy to work with others during this cycle.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-3-172001-5-11 at 29Sa032001-7-19 at 15Sa072001-9-6
2003-6-172003-7-29 at 10Pi082003-9-27 at 0Pi072003-11-7
2005-8-112005-10-1 at 23Ta222005-12-9 at 8Ta142006-2-3
2007-9-162007-11-15 at 12Cn272008-1-30 at 24Gm042008-4-4
2009-10-162009-12-20 at 19Le412010-3-10 at 0Le172010-5-17
2011-11-182012-1-23 at 23Vi052012-4-13 at 3Vi402012-6-19


Jupiter is a planet of "luck", opportunities, and contacts with the world at large. When Jupiter is retrograde, the support provided by others dries up, leaving us to get by on our own resources. Often sources of income decrease or unexpected big expenditures crop up. This serves to draw our interests away from "frivolous matters" and concentrate our focus on what is truly important. Use this time to put your life on a firm foundation -- if you can survive this period with so little, you're sure to thrive later when the support resumes.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-7-42000-9-29 at 11Gm142001-1-25 at 1Gm112001-4-19
2001-8-82001-11-2 at 15Cn412002-3-1 at 5Cn372002-5-27
2002-9-82002-12-4 at 18Le062003-4-3 at 8Le042003-7-1
2003-10-82004-1-3 at 18Vi542004-5-4 at 8Vi552004-8-2
2004-11-62005-2-1 at 18Li522005-6-5 at 8Li562005-9-2
2005-12-72006-3-4 at 18Sc522006-7-6 at 8Sc592006-10-2
2007-1-92007-4-5 at 19Sa462007-8-6 at 9Sa552007-11-1
2008-2-132008-5-9 at 22Cp222008-9-7 at 12Cp322008-12-1
2009-3-212009-6-15 at 27Aq012009-10-12 at 17Aq092010-1-3
2010-4-292010-7-23 at 3Ar242010-11-18 at 23Pi292011-2-8


Saturn retrograde is probably the least pleasant influence around. Saturn is a hard-nosed, Mr. Brass Tacks himself, the teacher with the big ruler that insists you dot all your I's and cross all your T's before recess. He teaches us about responsibility and claiming our authority in the world, a class (Character Building 101) many of us would rather skip. Needless to say, this kind of discipline and skill is very useful later, even though the cycle itself is rough to get through.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-6-82000-9-12 at 0Gm592001-1-24 at 24Ta04 2001-4-28
2001-6-232001-9-26 at 14Gm582002-2-7 at 8Gm022002-5-12
2002-7-82002-10-11 at 29Gm052003-2-22 at 22Gm082003-5-27
2003-7-222003-10-25 at 13Cn142004-3-7 at 6Cn172004-6-10
2004-8-52004-11-8 at 27Cn212005-3-21 at 20Cn242005-6-25
2005-8-192005-11-22 at 11Le192006-4-5 at 4Le222006-7-10
2006-9-22006-12-5 at 25Le042007-4-19 at 18Le092007-7-25
2007-9-152007-12-19 at 8Vi342008-5-2 at 1Vi402008-8-7
2008-9-272008-12-31 at 21Vi452009-5-16 at 14Vi542009-8-22
2009-10-102010-1-13 at 4Li392010-5-30 at 27Vi492010-9-5
2010-10-222011-1-26 at 17Li132011-6-12 at 10Li262011-9-18


Uranus is the planet of insight and revolutionary change, the lit dynamite stick about to blow apart existing structures. When Uranus goes into reverse gear, some area of your life that's gotten too cozy and settled is under intense pressure to transform. Frequently, this involves a marked shift in mental outlook or attitudes, taking a radical new look at things you once took for granted. The changes can be exciting, although the stress of letting go of something familiar may be strong. Be extra flexible during this time. Pay attention to "unexpected coincidences" and "accidents" now, as they can be the clues that point you in the directions you need to pursue.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-2-72000-5-25 at 20Aq492000-10-26 at 16Aq542001-2-9
2001-2-102001-5-29 at 24Aq502001-10-30 at 20Aq542002-2-13
2002-2-142002-6-2 at 28Aq502002-11-4 at 24Aq542003-2-18
2003-2-192003-6-7 at 2Pi492003-11-8 at 28Aq542004-2-22
2004-2-232004-6-10 at 6Li482004-11-11 at 2Pi522005-2-25
2005-2-262005-6-14 at 10Pi462005-11-15 at 6Pi502006-3-2
2006-3-22006-6-19 at 14Pi432006-11-20 at 10Pi482007-3-6
2007-3-62007-6-23 at 18Pi412007-11-24 at 14Pi462008-3-9
2008-3-102008-6-26 at 22Pi392008-11-27 at 18Pi442009-3-13
2009-3-142009-7-1 at 26Pi372009-12-1 at 22Pi422010-3-17
2010-3-182010-7-5 at 0Ar352010-12-5 at 26Pi402011-3-22


Neptune is the ruler of dreams and ideals, as well as a sensitivity to the subtler dimensions of living. Retrograde Neptune is a time to reassess these guiding visions in our lives. Even the most noble purpose can become a limiting straitjacket or misguided passion when it has outlived its usefulness. This is a time of confusion and reevaluation, a time when our self-image as a "knight in shining armor" shows some rust and tarnish. Above all, this is a time to distinguish between true vision and a glamorous self-deception. The element of selflessness is very important with Neptune, so don't get hung up about being a supporting actor instead of the main star.

Note that these retrograde zones overlap slightly. In these overlap regions, Neptune passes over 5 times, not 3!

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-1-172000-5-8 at 6Aq352000-10-15 at 3Aq482001-2-3
2001-1-182001-5-10 at 8Aq472001-10-17 at 6Aq002002-2-5
2002-1-212002-5-13 at 10Aq592002-10-20 at 8Aq122003-2-8
2003-1-232003-5-15 at 13Aq112003-10-22 at 10Aq242004-2-10
2004-1-262004-5-17 at 15Aq242004-10-24 at 12Aq372005-2-12
2005-1-272005-5-19 at 17Aq362005-10-26 at 14Aq492006-2-14
2006-1-302006-5-22 at 19Aq492006-10-29 at 17Aq022007-2-16
2007-2-12007-5-24 at 22Aq022007-10-31 at 19Aq152008-2-19
2008-2-42008-5-26 at 24Aq152008-11-2 at 21Aq282009-2-20
2009-2-52009-5-28 at 26Aq282009-11-4 at 23Aq412010-2-22
2010-2-82010-5-31 at 28Aq412010-11-7 at 25Aq552011-2-25


Pluto cycles are lessons in letting go. Most of us identify strongly with things, people, and ideas that really have nothing to do with who we really are. Pluto comes along and strips away these false identifications, helping us discover our authentic selves. Sometimes there's a tendency to get a little power crazed during these cycles, but it's always best to operate in the most selfless manner possible. Trying to manipulate people or situations for personal gain now will invariably produce some kind of backlash in the end. Prepare yourself to be remade to your depths.

Note that these retrograde zones overlap slightly. In these overlap regions, Pluto passes over 5 times, not 3!

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-11-292001-3-17 at 15Sa172001-8-23 at 12Sa322001-12-11
2001-12-12002-3-20 at 17Sa382002-8-26 at 14Sa542002-12-14
2002-12-42003-3-22 at 19Sa572003-8-28 at 17Sa142003-12-17
2003-12-62004-3-24 at 22Sa152004-8-30 at 19Sa322004-12-19
2004-12-72005-3-26 at 24Sa312005-9-2 at 21Sa492005-12-21
2005-12-92006-3-29 at 26Sa452006-9-4 at 24Sa042006-12-24
2006-12-112007-3-31 at 28Sa572007-9-7 at 26Sa172007-12-26
2007-12-142008-4-2 at 1Cp082008-9-8 at 28Sa292008-12-28
2008-12-152009-4-4 at 3Cp172009-9-11 at 0Cp392009-12-31
2009-12-172010-4-6 at 5Cp252010-9-13 at 2Cp472011-1-3
2010-12-192011-4-9 at 7Cp302011-9-16 at 4Cp532012-1-5


When the Great Mother Ceres turns retrograde on us, the entire notion of mothering and nurturance is up for grabs in our lives. This goes far beyond "just children", since Ceres describes the ways we give to and receive loving support from others. You're being forced to reconsider what you really care about. Some of our "babies" must be allowed to grow up and fly the coop if our attachments are holding them back. It's also important to recognize whether you are rejecting or filtering out the love others are extending to you during these cycles. Sometimes, the most cruel person in your life is yourself. It's time to reconnect with the web of life and loving.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-3-12001-5-26 at 22Cp492001-8-27 at 8Cp452001-11-13
2002-5-162002-8-13 at 18Ar062002-11-23 at 3Ar482003-2-7
2003-9-122003-11-23 at 25Cn222004-2-25 at 11Cn372004-5-5
2005-1-92005-3-21 at 25Sc062005-6-26 at 11Sc322005-9-8
2006-4-32006-6-20 at 26Aq572006-10-2 at 12Aq452006-12-19
2007-7-42007-9-20 at 23Ta552007-12-28 at 9Ta402008-3-11
2008-11-42009-1-11 at 13Vi352009-4-12 at 0Vi242009-6-20
2010-2-132010-4-28 at 4Cp382010-8-8 at 20Sa402010-10-24


Pallas relates to themes of creativity, initiative and planning. Frequently, Pallas retrograde is a time when you must concentrate more fully on some creative endeavor. There's often a need to rethink your plans and come up with a new approach to some situation. It may seem like there's a conflict between the head and the heart, although it's possible to go beyond this apparent conflict and have it both ways. You may be experiencing troubles adjusting to situations where you don't naturally fit in, requiring compromise or creative resolution on your part. This is often a "mental" period when the emotional life takes a back seat to something more important.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-1-122001-4-5 at 16Sa002001-7-18 at 27Sc142001-10-14
2002-3-112002-6-13 at 29Aq082002-10-8 at 10Aq382003-1-14
2003-5-162003-8-22 at 28Ar432003-12-6 at 9Ar192004-2-22
2004-11-152005-2-1 at 12Li372005-5-11 at 23Vi232005-8-5
2006-2-102006-5-7 at 19Cp372006-8-24 at 0Cp492006-11-26
2007-3-282007-7-5 at 19Pi232007-10-31 at 0Pi512009-2-2
2008-8-142008-10-26 at 20Gm392009-1-14 at 4Gm002009-3-17
2009-12-212010-3-14 at 23Sc022010-6-24 at 4Sc082010-9-18


The ideal partnership is based on equality and fairness. During a Juno retrograde cycle, our ability to live up to this ideal is tested and perfected. Are you prone to power games, lording control over your partner and giving in excessively? Do you try to covertly manipulate the other person or express "love" in a way that entraps them? Relationships work only if the two people enter it with strength and integrity, and recognize and encourage those same traits in the other person. Bad relationships sometimes break up during these cycles, if there's no way to salvage them. This is a time to discover how good a partner you can be.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-10-212001-12-25 at 0Vi032002-3-27 at 15Le152002-6-13
2002-12-122003-3-8 at 20Sc292003-6-29 at 4Sc432003-9-7
2004-2-202004-5-16 at 24Cp452004-9-1 at 9Cp102004-11-19
2005-9-112005-11-1 at 22Gm532006-1-14 at 12Gm132006-3-9
2006-11-242007-2-14 at 27Li532007-6-3 at 12Li032007-9-1
2008-1-212008-4-18 at 29Sa392008-8-8 at 13Sa592008-10-31
2009-6-22009-8-9 at 4Ar362009-11-3 at 21Pi322010-1-1
2010-11-62011-1-19 at 29Vi412011-5-1 at 13Vi592011-7-26


Vesta rules over a core sense of identity and independence, a kind of faithfulness to yourself that allows no compromise or selling out. You are focused or centered in yourself, able to tap into the great powers of the self when you act out of truthfulness and integrity. When Vesta is in reverse, this fidelity to yourself is tested. Situations come up that force you to decide how much integrity really means to you and how much you'd rather "slide through life". She teaches us to be beholden to nobody, to stand up and be responsible for ourselves, to demand the best of every experience.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-7-242001-10-9 at 13Gm292002-1-14 at 27Ta472002-3-31
2002-12-52003-2-11 at 12Li352003-5-10 at 28Vi212003-7-15
2004-5-202004-7-27 at 28Pi232004-10-27 at 13Pi532005-1-6
2005-9-32005-11-18 at 23Cn122006-2-23 at 7Cn312006-5-8
2007-2-152007-4-18 at 15Sa062007-7-11 at 2Sa212007-9-12
2008-6-282008-9-10 at 14Ta582008-12-15 at 29Ar332009-2-28
2009-10-222010-1-3 at 6Vi392010-4-6 at 21Le362010-6-15


This is a time to discover previously unrecognized abilities within ourselves. Often, the most beaten down parts of ourselves are actually our greatest strengths. However, they've never been developed or cultivated and remain in that wounded, beaten down state. This lack of growth somewhere in our lives is now holding us back, preventing us from breaking through to the next level of our evolution. It's time to let these wounds heal, to let go of old grudges, to wake up to how powerful we can be if we cease being a "victim". Chiron is an initiator, helping us break through to possibilities undreamed of. However, you must be willing to take the initiative, consciously stepping out of life-as-usual.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-1-32001-4-7 at 28Sa552001-8-26 at 22Sa512001-12-1
2002-1-102002-4-17 at 9Cp092002-9-7 at 3Cp132002-12-15
2003-1-162003-4-25 at 18Cp092003-9-17 at 12Cp222003-12-28
2004-1-222004-5-1 at 26Cp082004-9-26 at 20Cp302005-1-7
2005-1-262005-5-8 at 3Aq172005-10-4 at 27Cp482006-1-17
2006-1-302006-5-15 at 9Aq452006-10-12 at 4Aq242007-1-26
2007-2-32007-5-20 at 15Aq412007-10-19 at 10Aq272008-2-3
2008-2-72008-5-25 at 21Aq082008-10-25 at 16Aq022009-2-9
2009-2-102009-5-30 at 26Aq132009-10-30 at 21Aq122010-2-16
2010-2-142010-6-4 at 0Pi592010-11-5 at 26Aq042011-2-23