8-bit Fun With QuickTime

Since an Atari 8-bit computer can be used as a video source for an AV Mac, QuickTime capture is also a possibility. Here are a couple of examples, captured with a 1993 vintage Quadra 840av. I used the VideoFusion Capture application which was included on the system software CD-ROM. These are not professional quality captures. I am no expert at this and didn't spend much time doing it, but it was a lot of fun anyway. (To those with slower connections, I apologize for the size of these files. I may try using a more recent version of QuickTime for better compression.) (Don't have QuickTime? Get it!--That goes for you Windows users too!)

Star Raiders (1.9MB) full-color video and monaural audio; 320 x 240 pixels; 10 fps; 18.5 seconds

Action sequence from the #1 classic Atari game: Hyperspace jump into an occupied sector; wiping out two Xylon fighters.

Ballblazer Soundtrack (1.3MB) audio only; 2 minutes 12 seconds

Opening soundtrack from the popular Lucasfilm game: Lucasfilm logo "zing"; percussion and sound effects during loading; theme music "vamp" as game waits for user to hit start. (This is one of my favorite computer game sound tracks. Best played loud. :-) Sound is a little fuzzy.

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