Screen Captures from Emulators

Here is an illustration I did many years ago for a story about Nolan Bushnell and Atari that appeared in the August 1982 issue of TWA Ambassador magazine. (It was later reprinted in the premier issue of Hi-Res magazine, 1983.) I did it using a simple drawing program I wrote in BASIC which utilised Graphics Mode 10 and used the joystick for input. I worked from a photograph of Bushnell which I had blown up and then traced onto acetate. I attached the tracing to my television monitor for reference. I worked with both the television and the joystick turned 90° to accommodate the vertical format. The final rendering was photographed off my television screen for conventional full-color magazine reproduction. The aspect ratio of this screen snapshot from Rainbow has been adjusted to compensate for the Atari's non-square pixels. [Back to Emulators]

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