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Color photo of a workshop participant.
Workshop Participants

  • Workshops
    Workshop Content
    Day long seminar tailored to the participants and their local area, includes: exercises, conversation, art projects,
    slides shows, videos and food. Encourage people to picture and tell of their love of their work and the land.

  • Slide Lectures:
    "Re-picturing Rural Identity/Spirit/Politics."
    "Socially Engaged Art: land and body issues in art representing rural in art and culture."
    "Loving Food: Making connections between health, land, spirit, healing and body."

    Workshop Questionaire Response:
    What Did You Learn Today?
    It was wonderful to re-experience the love of the land: the educational and spiritual ties (present and past)
    and the powerful significance the land has in many lives.

    Linda Gammell and Sandra Menefee Taylor
    provide educational:

    Artwork of Linda and Sandra for purchase:
    (prices include tax and postage)

    Artists books:
  • "From Sacred Into Science" - $5.00
      - A time line marking the beginning of agri/culture as a site the domain of the feminine in prehistory, when animals and the feminine were in the realm of the sacred, to the present when the intervention of science and biotechnology challenge what we think and know about animals, food, and ourselves.

    • "The One About the Farmer's Daughter: Stereotypes and Self - Portraits"- $15.00
      - Presenting stereotypes of rural women as identified by the women in the project workshops, contrasted by photographs and texts from interviews representing a more accurate picture of the values, concerns, and lives of rural women. Produced with the assistance from the Minnesota Food Association and the Blandin Foundation of Minnesota.

    • (SE Section 9, Township N, Range 21 W of the 5th Principle Meridian 160 Acres):
      "Landscape of Hope and Despair"- $20.00
      Collector's Limited Edition of 26, hand cast paper cover - $200.00.
      - Tells the story of a rural crossroads community and an adjacent family farm in Bath township, Freeborn County, Minnesota from the 1940's to the present. 80 acres of the family farm were lost to foreclosure in the 1980's. The book combines photography and oral history to explore memories of the area as it is and was. Accompanying quotaions from other sources provide additional context on contemporary farm issues. Produced with a fellowship from the Jerome Foundation/Minnesota Center for Book Arts.


      Slow Food: Sustainable Agriculture and Responsible Eating" - $25.00
      "For 5 years we've talked to dozens of farmers who practice or advocate a new kind of farming... One that supports
      rural communities and safe guards the sustainable health and well being of people and the environment.
      They call it sustainable farming."(From introduction to the video)

      The Review
      "Video Encourages "Eaters" to Join Farmers In Sustainable Agriculture Movement"
      from the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society, written by Cris Carusi,
      "This video is unique because all of the farmers are women. Its creators capture the words, wisdom and work of 14 women from Minnesota, Michigan, North Dakota and Wisconsin. The creators spend no time trying to prove or justify the fact that women should be considered farmers - they simply let the women speak about their lives and their farms. This approach works.......As I listened, I began to wonder what our food system would look like if women played a stronger role in shaping it. Perhaps the health and well being of the land and future generations woulld be given precedence over short - term profit."
      Made with support from a SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) grant.
      30 minutes in length, VHS. Copyright 1997.

      In the video library of Sustainable Farming Organizations and the libraries and collections of:

      University of Maine
      University of South Dakota
      University of Tennesse
      University of Kansas
      University of Nebraska

      University of Missouri
      University of Pennsylvania
      University of Michigan
      University of Washington
      University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada

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