Public Outreach of Collaborative Art Projects

Black and White photo of hands holding a peach.

Past Workshops and Lectures

  • Workshops

  • Minnesota Food Association
    Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
    Michigan State University - "Women/Food/Farm/Food: A Discussion of Politically Engaged Art"
    Participants surveys rate workshops, 1 = poor through 5 = excellent, all participants 4 - 5.

  • Lectures

  • Macalester College - St. Paul.
    Tisch School of Art, New York University.
    Society of Photographic Education, Regional Conference, Minneapolis.
    Women's Studies Conference - Vermillion, South Dakota.

  • Exhibitions

  • "The Farm Show" Legion Arts, Cedar Rapids, IA.
    "In So Many Words", Minnesota Museum of Arts.
    "Photographic Book Arts in the United States (traveled 13 states).

    Food Association At Age 10
    Association Continues Make Food Issue
    Minnesota Food Association: A Brief History of an Organization, Culture and Agriculture Sp. 1992, Vol. 43


    MacCalester College
    The Book:
    The Lure of the Local
    (by Lucy Lippard Art Critic and Writer)

    MN Women's Press
    Chicago Tribune
    Des Moines Register
    MN Food Association Digest
    Saint Cloud Visitor

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