Collaborative Art Projects
Photo of a slide of a woman milking a cow projected over art installation of a farm setting.

Artist/Photographer Linda Gammell
Book Artist and Installation Artist Sandra Menefee Taylor

Artists' Statement
We are a collaborative team who, since 1989, have been working with rural women and rural issues.
We believe the link of rural and urban relationship, as well as
our bodies to the land is crucial to change the way farming and health are performed and how consumerism is managed.
Our issues address rural identity, stereotypes of rural women, and most recently, rural women's
importance inthe social, spiritual, and political movements of sustainability and food. We have conducted
numerous workshops with rural women in the Midwest, where conversations with them were
recorded and photographs were made (by us and the women). Our research has resulted in three
artist's books, exhibitions, installation art, and a video about sustainable production and eating of our food.
Our concern is that women's part in rural culture is invisible.