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Updated: 8/23/19


Welcome! This site is very, very old. Most of the information here hasn't been updated since 2001. I keep the site running anyway. Look around. You may find something useful or interesting.

Atari Classic TrueType Font for Macs and PCs
Three fonts based on the Atari 8-bit character set. Update 11/21/16: Version 1.2 is now available which fixes a minor cosmetic bug. Also, I've added a new cross-platform version (2.0) that includes Atari's European character set and has a more sensible character layout for those wanting to utilize the font in their apps.

Run your old Atari games and stuff on your Mac

Connecting an Atari 8-bit to a Mac
Transfer files and software to your Mac and back

Sharing Your AV Mac's Monitor with an Atari 8-bit
Use your AV Mac's monitor with your Atari

8-bit Fun With QuickTime
Capture video and audio off a real Atari

Mac / Atari Utilities
Manipulate Atari disk images and files

Missing Pieces
Projects for the ambitious

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Atari 8-bit Computers: Atari 400, Atari 800, Atari 1200, Atari 600xl, Atari 800xl, Atari 65xe, Atari 130xe.

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