Steve Andreasen

Andreasen Speaks at Farmers Union Banquet

SEPTEMBER 18, 2002

(Dodge County, MN) Minnesota native Steve Andreasen, the DFL candidate for Congress in Minnesota's 1st Congressional District, met with Dodge County residents during the Farmers' Union banquet held Monday night at the American Legion Hall. Andreasen spoke about the importance of small farmers to the economic growth of southern Minnesota.

"Congress needs to support policies and programs that ensure that our rural communities can survive in today's economy. We must create and sustain rural jobs, improve our rural transportation and information infrastructure, and make sure that our rural centers for education remain strong," Andreasen said.

Andreasen spoke about his recent proposal to create a Commission on Agriculture Reform (CARE) to better protect family farms and the economic health of rural communities. The Commission would include farmers, ranchers, food processors, agribusiness, environmentalists, and consumers, and would examine Federal Agriculture policy and make recommendations for reform.

Andreasen lives in Rochester. Prior to running for Congress, he was the Director of Defense Policy and Arms Control on the National Security Council staff at the White House from 1993-2001. He also served in the Bush Sr. and Reagan Administrations. He is a national security consultant and is writing a book on nuclear weapons, arms control and missile defense policy.

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