Illumitran Slide Copier Disassembled

Illumitran Slide Copier Parts

I have received emails from several people asking to purchase certain Illumitran parts only to find out once they receive them that the part they needed was something different, or that they need several other parts that they thought were included. So, to make sure that we are all talking about the same item, I have taken a photo of a complete copier disassembled and labeled.

A. Base Unit

I. Exposure Scale Clamp Plate

Q. Camera Adapter Ring

B. Slide Stage

J. Exposure Compensation Scale

R. Lens Adapter Ring

C. Filter Tray

K. Camera Support Screws (2)

S. Rail Attachment Screws (2)

D. Opal Glass

L. Support Stand (or CCU) Attachment Screw

T. Light Meter Probe Cell

E. Slide Stage Retaining Nuts

M. Exposure Scale Pointer

U. Stereo Slide Holder

F. Contrast Control Unit (CCU)

N. Exposure Scale Attachment Screw

V. 35mm Slide Holder

G. CCU Camera Support

O. CCU Glass

W. 120mm Slide Holder

H. Camera Support (no CCU)

P. Bellows and Rail

X. Power Cord

Note: If you do not have a CCU (parts F, G, & O) then you need part H the Camera Support. As you can see G and H are not interchangeable.

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Last Update: 13 December, 2009