3D Stuff

This is a listing of 3D photographic items that I have for sale. Postage is extra. Please contact me to see which items are still available at: tlmartin@bitstream.net

I am doing some house cleaning and clearing out the excess stereo items that I have. I will be adding items to this site as I come across them, so please check back frequently to see what's been added.


Stereo Cameras

I have a few stereo cameras and accessories for those interested. Click here.

Stereo Projectors

If you haven't seen your stereo slides projected then you haven't seen stereo! Here is a great opportunity to purchase a nice stereo projector. Click here.

Stereo Viewers

I have some extra stereo viewers that could use a good home. Click here.

Stereo Copiers

If you want to copy some of you stereo slides. Click here.

Mounting Supplies

What every stereo photographer needs. Click here.

Stereo Photography Clothing Items

I will no longer be making my stereo logo items. I do have some caps left with the different logos, and a few sample shirts. Click here.

Vintage Stereo Advertising

Keystone Stereo View brochure Form 226-525-5M-221/2T. This brochure was designed to sell views to libraries. Appears to be from the early '20s from the photos of the library trucks and buses. I have several from a Keystone salesman's case. - $5 each

'60's Vintage Stereo Toy

I found a small batch of toy stereo viewers at a flea market that had come from a hardware store that had closed in the '60s. These are new and unopened. The story cards that are included are copies of cards from a similar set that was sold in the '50s called Tri-Stories. - $15 each

Vintage Instruction Manuals

For original instruction manuals, instruction forms, and advertising sheets Click here.

Vintage Magazines

1940's & 1950's photography magazines. Click here.

Vintage Books

This is a collection of out of print (OOP) books and magazines on stereo photography and 3D images. Click here.

To place an order email to tlmartin@bitstream.net

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Last Update: 5 December, 2008