Stereo Viewers

More stereo viewers than I can use!

I collect commercial stereo views and frequently have to buy the viewers that come with the views. Well, I really only need a couple of viewers for looking at the slides, and the rest can be passed on to people who can use them.

Some people like to customize their viewers and others like to keep them original. Since these were extra viewers for me, the only thing I have done to them is clean them off and put some batteries in to make sure they work. The Kodak viewer's original cork friction pads are always indented from the focus sitting in one spot too long, so I have removed the cork and put a plastic tube around the focusing shaft that works just as good and does not get out of shape like the cork. All of the DC viewers take two D batteries, which are not included. Postage is extra.

I assume that you already know the features and quality of the listed viewers, so I have not put in a big sales pitch on any of them. If you have any question, please ask. - Tom

7 Perf Viewers

1. Brumberger in like new condition, with worn box. $45.00

2. Brumberger in like new condition, modified for AC. Includes transformer. $55.00


5 Perf Viewers

1. Kodaslide model I viewer. Has a few light scuffs, but no chips or cracks. Interior is clean. $45.00

2. Kodaslide model II viewer. Has a few light scuffs, but no chips or cracks. With AC adapter. $75.00

3. Realist model ST-61 (red button) viewer. Good condition with light scuffs. $75.00

4. Realist model ST-62 (green button) viewer. Nice shape. Comes with both the AC and DC cartridges. SOLD


5. Realist model ST-62 (green button) viewer. Nice shape. Comes with the AC cartridge only. $75.00

Stereo Slide and Viewer Cases

1. Brumberger stereo slide case model #1114. Holds 75 glass mounted or RBT slides, or 150 cardboard mounted stereo slides. A little rust on some of the edges, otherwise very clean. $19.95 each

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