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Many people are becoming interested in projecting their stereo slides, and would like to get a nice projector that they can just plug and play. This is just a hobby for me, so I don't have a big selection of projectors but try to make one or two available. I clean and lubricate them and install new polarizers, so that they are ready to play right out of the box. I include 4 pair of new polarized glasses, but you will need a silver projection screen (not the white or beaded screens) to see the images in stereo. New screens are expensive, but can be found used. I do sometimes have them available and will post them on this page when I do.

Postage and packing materials are extra (it runs about $25 to $45 depending on your location and delivery speed).

If you have any question, please ask. - Tom


1. What is the difference between the TDC 116 and the 716? Actually there are only two differences; the wattage, and the slide carrier. The 116 has two 500 watt bulbs and the 716 has two 750 watt lamps. You would think that the 715 should be 50% brighter with the more powerful bulbs, but independent testing has shown only about a 5% increase. However, the 716 does seem to give off a lot more heat! The 716 has a steel machined slide carrier that is very smooth and nice to operate. It is cut for 5 perf (Realist format) slides, and can be enlarged to show 7 perf (European format) slides. The 116 has a two channel aluminum carrier that is awkward to use (not smooth, slides sometimes stick), but it is wide enough to show 8 perf (regular 35 mm format) slides without modification. I personally don't see that one projector is better than the other, and price them fairly similar. If you are a collector, the 116 is more common, however there are several variations from early to latter models.

2. What is the difference between TDC 4 inch and 5 inch lenses? The shorter focal length 4 inch lenses will give you a bigger image on the screen when placed at the same distance from the screen, or if you keep the images the same size the 4 inch lenses will give you a brighter image (you are closer to the screen). 4 inch lenses are best for projecting in small areas like a living room. 5 inch lenses are best for projecting to a crowd of people so that more people can sit between the projector and the screen. The TDC 116 and 716 came standard with 5 inch lenses. 4 inch lenses could be ordered, but at a premium, so there are more 5 inch lenses available today than 4 inch. The downside to the 4 inch lenses is if you need to project to a large group, you will need to have the projector close to the screen and this may put the projector in your viewers' way.

3. Where do I get new projector bulbs? The lowest prices I have found are at Always buy a pair at a time (they will both burn out about the same time).

4. What size bulbs do I need? Here are the bulb numbers by projector:

CLS - 300 watt TDC Project-or-View

CZA - 500 watt Compco 500 (I sell these below)

CZX - 500 watt Compco Triad, Nord, Realist 81, TDC 116, View-Master 500

DDB - 750 watt TDC 716

5. For more information on the TDC 116 projector and how it operates click here.

6. For intructions for using the TDC Selectron Stereo Slide Changer and the 116S-38 Adapter click here .

Stereo Projectors For Sale

1. TDC Stereo Vivid 116. Later model, nice condition with 5 inch lenses. $165.00

2. TDC Stereo Vivid 116. Later model, nice condition with 5 inch lenses and case. $225.00



Stereo Projector Accessories

1. TDC 716 stereo slide changer. If your TDC 716 or Project-Or-View is missing its carrier, you need this! Can also be used in the TDC 116 with an adapter. $75.00

2. TDC 116 2X2 slide changer. If you would like to show 2D slides in your TDC 116 you can do it with this carrier. $10.00

3. 116S-38 adapter to use TDC 716 slide changers on a TDC 116 projectors. This one is missing one thumbscrew hold down, but it still works just fine. $35.00

3. New polarizers for the TDC 716 or TDC 116. If your polarizers are more than 20 years old you need to replace them! A pair for $15.00

4. New power cord for the TDC 116. About 20 feet long (may be different color than pictured). $35.00

5. TDC projector feet. If your TDC 116 or 716 stereo projector's feet are hard as rocks or beginning to deteriorate, you need to replace them with nice new rubber feet to reduce the noise that the high powered cooling system makes. These are newly manufactured to the same dimensions as the originals. Pack of 3 $5.00

6. CZA 500 watt projector lamps (for the Compco 500 projector). New. $11.00 each.

7. CZX 500 watt projector lamps (for Compco Triad, Nord, Realist 81, TDC 116, and View-Master 500 projectors). New. $20.00 each.

8. DDB 750 watt projector lamps (for the TDC 716 projector). New. $20.00 each.

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