Navigation Tips for the BPI Web Site

A Bird's Eye View of the Site

The BPI Web Site is organized into a Home Page (the doorway into the site) and several Main Topics (such as "Astrology" and "Flower Essences"). When you link into a Main Topic, you will first enter a "Root Page" for that topic that points you to other pages within the topic.

Many pages (especially the root pages) will have numerous links to other information within that topic. Use the "BPI Home", "Astrology" and "FE" links in the Navigation Bar to reach these menus.

The Navigation Bar

At the end of most pages, and in the middle of longer pages, you will find the following links (called the Navigation Bar) to help you get around more easily.

Top - Bottom - BPI Home - Astrology - FE - Nav Tips

Clicking on any of these links takes you to the following places:

Top - Top Of current Page
Bottom - Bottom of current page
BPI Home - the home page for the entire BPI Web Site
Astrology - the root page for all the Astrology Pages
FE - the root page for all the Flower Essence Pages
Nav Tips - this Navigation Tips page.

Astrology Help Pages

The Astrology area has numerous Help pages to give background information (such as meanings of Planets, Signs, Houses, etc.) for more technical topics that may (or may not!) interest you. You can visit these Help pages directly from the Astrology root page, or by clicking on highlighted terms in other pages. To go back to your original page, use "Back" in your browser.

Help pages often have general information and more links at the top of the page -- use Top in the nearest Navigation Bar to check them out.

Construction Warning Icons

This site is a "work in progress" -- pardon the occasional piles of sawdust lying around. The following icons will appear at the top of pages that aren't "ready for primetime" yet. I'll also try to label links that aren't worth clicking on, if necessary.

"Hardhat Area"

This indicates a page that's still in pretty rough shape. There might be some information here that's of use, but don't expect too much. Better still, come back next week -- it might be finished by then.

"Putting Up the Finishing Touches"

The pictures aren't up on the walls yet (sometimes not even the wallpaper!), but there's lots of goodies here to read. Worth looking at, even though it needs a good dusting.

Hope you enjoy your stay in our site!

Come often!

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