Current Transits for December 99

Here's some of the important astrological news this month ...


Jupiter quintile Uranus, 12-2
Jupiter trioctile Pluto, 12-4
New Moon at 15Sa22, 12-7
3 Asteroids Change Signs, 12-10 to 12-20
Pallas Retrograde Station at 15Le39, 12-15
Saturn quincunx Pluto, 12-17
Jupiter trioctile Chiron, 12-18
Jupiter Direct Station at 25Ar00, 12-20
Full Moon at 0Cn25, 12-22
Saturn quincunx Chiron, 12-23
Chiron conjunct Pluto at 11Sa23, 12-30

General Outlook for the Month

The year (century, millennium...) ends with quite a bang. December is an extremely busy month, with 3 storm patterns and oodles of important aspects and sign changes to consider. In my mind, however, the centerpiece of the month is on the 30th, when Chiron and Pluto are together in the sky for a once in 58 years show. If ever there was a call to radical changes for us, this contact is it. Most of the other big aspects tend to support this transformative conjunction, emphasizing the need for healing transitions in our lives. The other major event is when Jupiter stands still on the 20th, about to resume normal motion. This releases us from the restrictions that have kept us from reaching out to the world and making new connections. In short, there's a lot of activity ahead of us as we prepare for the new year.

December is jam-packed with notable influences, including Jupiter's direct station, Pallas' retrograde station, 6 big aspects, and 3 asteroids changing signs. Of course, most of the big aspects are supporting acts for the Chiron-Pluto conjunction, which dominates the scene.

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Jupiter Quintile Uranus, 12-2

The first big aspect is a quintile of Jupiter and Uranus. It's the 2nd of 3 such contacts (99-6-19 and 2000-2-7 also), part of an ongoing 8 month process. This is a highly "mental" aspect, shaking up conventional ways of looking at things and allowing new perspectives to emerge. It's likely to alter many of our usual ways of interacting with the world, since Uranus is loathe to let any status quo survive. It's a good time for working around problems, since quintiles allow you to rise above the issues and see them from a totally new point of view. I suspect this contact will rev up Jupiter for his later contacts with Pluto and Chiron.

Jupiter Trioctile Pluto, 12-4

On the 4th, Jupiter is trioctile Pluto, one of many "triggering" aspects for the conjunction. Again, this is the 2nd of 3 contacts (99-5-27 and 2000-1-25 also). This one feels like a conflict between the ways we interact with the world around us and the dictates of the inner life. The ways we connect with society at large can be quite deadening for the soul, since our world has become so artificial in many ways, just as the needs of the inner world can seem uncivilized and untamed. It's hard to reconcile these two paths in any meaningful fashion now, creating a great tension that drives us to try out new ways. We need to carry on our inner quest in a manner that reflects a higher social awareness and responsibility, transcending our cultural limitations in a non-destructive way.

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New Moon at 15Sa22, 12-7

In addition to the Chiron-Pluto conjunction, right next to the new moon point, last month's Saturn-Uranus square is still lingering around. All this heavy-duty energy can sound rather somber and depressing at first, as though all the burdens of a lifetime are coming to haunt us like the 3 Ghosts of Christmas. It's easy to get into a funk and not do anything constructive with this influence. But Mars and Uranus over in Aquarius (a helpful sextile from the new moon) offer another way out. The mental realm is lively and busy, even if the emotions are dragged down, providing a good area to direct your interests and will-power. Just remember to stay above the emotional fray (keep in mind everyone else is affected by all this stress, too) and especially keep your anger under control, since it's easy to let the frustration get to you. It may feel like situations are out of your control for a time, but remain committed to working on the personal areas you can affect. It's a big month coming up and it can be better than you think...

3 Asteroids Change Signs, 12-10 to 12-20

The sign changes of the 3 asteroids are not as dramatic as the big aspects, but they do add some new colors to the background activity. Juno is the first to change signs, shifting into Capricorn on the 10th (until 2000-2-29). This signals the need to pay attention to some very mundane, practical, down to earth concerns in your close relationships. Yes, even money. Without a secure material foundation, even the best of partnerships can become troubled. Take whatever measures are needed to remove these roadblocks and clear the air between partners.

Ceres is criss-crossing the Virgo-Libra border from the 14th through the first half of 2000. She spends the next 3 months (until 2000-3-31) in Libra before backing up into Virgo again. Libra brings out the partnership aspects of how we care for and support each other. Strong relationships, based on caring and openly giving and receiving, are vital for getting through the next few months.

Vesta moves into Sagittarius on the 20th (until 2000-2-18). This implies a need to be faithful to your guiding spirit within, to that vision that makes your life meaningful and worthwhile. It's that spark within you that energizes your life and brings you strength, not what you do on the outside.

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Pallas Retrograde Station at 15Le39, 12-15

As for the fourth asteroid, Pallas is standing still on the 15th, about to go into reverse gear through 2000-3-7. The focus in coming months is on creativity, initiative and planning to achieve your goals. Perhaps there's some creative endeavor that you need to really concentrate on, or some life dream that's eluding you and requires your attention. The way may not be easy now, but persevere anyway. Often with Pallas, there's a kind of "disconnect" between the head and the heart, with the head usually winning out. See if there's some way to accommodate both.

Saturn Quincunx Pluto, 12-17

Saturn is quincunx Pluto on the 17th, at the height of the big planetary storm. This is another 2nd of 3 contacts situation (99-5-18 and 2000-3-6). Saturn, like Jupiter, is a "social" planet, ruling the roles and responsibilities we have in the world. It also rules form and structure, the visible manifestation in the physical world of our inner life. Pluto works from the inner depths and is the creative force that drives our growth. For now, the inner drive and the outer forms are out of sync and not supporting each other well. There's a kind of inertia that's slowing us down and making it hard to keep up with the changes we're feeling inside. Saturn is trying to maintain some of the structures in our lives while Pluto is tearing them down. The results can be frightening and disruptive. Take things slow and steady -- let the shifts happen at a comfortable rate without getting bogged down. Let the changes filter into your everyday life so you can let go of outworn habits and move on.

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Jupiter Trioctile Chiron, 12-18

Jupiter is trioctile Chiron on the 18th, the 4th of 5 contacts that stretch from 98-6-29 to 2000-2-21. Even normal Jupiterian optimism has its dark sides. Reaching out to the world and entering the fray of everyday living may seem good and worthwhile, but in certain frames of mind it can produce fear and procrastination. The world can be a scary place if you've never found acceptance there. These old hurts can easily thwart the normal outgoing nature of Jupiter, preventing you from taking in life's riches. It's time to face those fears and get beyond them, so you can stop robbing yourself of life's normal abundance.

Jupiter Direct Station at 25Ar00, 12-20

As if to emphasize the many Jupiter aspects this month, he also reaches his direct station on the 20th (at 25Ar00) and slowly resumes normal forward motion. When Jupiter is in reverse gear, our normal connections to the world seem to dry up or become unreliable. Sources of business and income can't be counted on and the usual support network seems to fail us. It's a time to fall back on your own resources and improve your situation from within. If you can survive the lean times like these, you're certain to prosper when the regular flow between you and the world resumes. Slowly, we're coming out of the latest drought around Christmas time, clearing the way for a brighter time in the coming year. Get moving now and try to make the most of the opportunities opening up.

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Full Moon at 0Cn25, 12-22

A few hours after the winter solstice is this full moon. Most of the week leading up to Christmas is quiet and restful despite all the tension about us -- a gift in itself. Were this chart a bit more organized, it would knock your stockings off the fireplace. Planets occupy 7 points of an 8 point Star pattern, a loose 8th harmonic at critical degrees of the zodiac (the equinoxes, solstices and Avatar Points) that bind us tightly to the powerful Earth energies and rhythms at work now. Let these influences enter your body and rekindle your connections to the Earth and environment around you. At this Festival of The Light, it's important to make a safe space amid the darkness about us for the soul's light to shine. Reach out to others and take in their flickering light as well. You may not be able to put this Star on your tree, but it can live in your heart. Merry Christmas!

Saturn Quincunx Chiron, 12-23

The Saturn quincunx Chiron aspect on the 23rd has a long history. Due to Chiron's crazy orbit, this is the 5th of 8 contacts reaching from 97-12-14 to 2001-4-11. Chiron is bringing Saturn issues up for release on many levels now. It can be burdensome responsibilities that are tying you down, or a depressed outlook that prevents you from seeing beyond your problems. At the most basic level, it can simply be physical limitations or illnesses of the body that are holding you back. In my work as a therapeutic bodyworker, I get to daily see how the residue of people's lives become locked in place as muscle tension and physical stress patterns. Our bodies literally reflect the lack of harmony and fluidity of our lives, becoming stumbling blocks to overcome in their own right. It's impossible these days to enlighten the spirit without attending to the body as well. We have to get past this false duality of spirit vs. the body, since the physical is but one of the many "bodies" we wear in this world and they must all act in harmony to preserve the unity of the soul. Get help to heal from old pains and restrictions -- we usually need the "mirror" of a talented healer in order to see ourselves faithfully and return to health. Don't let the mundane trip you up.

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Chiron Conjunct Pluto at 11Sa23, 12-30

Conjunctions between two outer planets are the beginning points of important cycles, both in our personal lives and on a grander historical scale. The last conjunction of Chiron and Pluto occurred on July 19, 1941 (back in WWII days) at 3Le40. While the last 58 years can't be blamed on these two planets alone, it's remarkable how much the world has changed in the cycle just concluding. Keep in mind, though, that Pluto was discovered in 1930 and Chiron in 1977, so this is the first time in history when we've known about both bodies and can actually observe their conjunction. This means it's the first time humankind has consciously entered into the energy of this cycle, instead of simply letting it play out in the collective unconscious. This makes it imperative that we understand what kind of game we are playing this time, especially since these are both planets of transformation. Chiron is the releaser of old hurts and wounds through compassionate understanding and wisdom. By seeing past the hurt into the spiritual truth that lies behind it, we redeem a part of ourselves that was hidden and rejected. He opens up new ways of seeing ourselves and our place in the world, helping us remove the spiritual blinders that keep us in ignorance. In the process, we come into our spiritual power and evolve to a higher level. Pluto, of course, is the Grand Transformer, the force of spirit within us that causes us to outgrow and leave behind anything that hinders our true nature. Anything inauthentic about us is subject to Pluto's withering gaze at some time or another, since he allows no pretense or falsehood to remain in us. When these two team up, it seems inevitable that powerful energies are set loose in us that have a deep, long lasting effect (the next cycle is 70 years long). Expect to face parts of yourself that you haven't wanted to see in the coming months. Even the parts that are most shameful or hurt-filled must be brought out into the light of awareness and acceptance. After all, everything in the psyche -- in our lives -- belongs to the soul and is there for a purpose. Nothing can be left behind. This conjunction has been building for most of 1999 (becoming quite noticeable in November already) and will take most of 2000 to dissipate -- but it's influence will linger for years.

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